J. Todd Billings Audio Now Online

Mar 8, 11 • Theology3 Comments

In case you missed last month’s lecture about the use of the term “incarnational” regarding ministry with Western Theological Seminary prof J. Todd Billings, then the wait is over! The audio of the event, complete with Fuller prof Glen Stassen’s response and the following Q&A session is now available.

Listen to the audio here.

Download here.

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3 Responses to J. Todd Billings Audio Now Online

  1. theo says:

    I think the link is broken.

    • We are experiencing problems with the player plug-in for Firefox and Safari browsers. Chrome works well. The download issue should be fixed, but please let me know if you are still not able to download.

      Thanks for (trying) to listen!

  2. francisco says:

    I’ve tried the listen to audio here and download and both are not sening me to the audio download.

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