Parking at Fuller

Free Fuller Parking Map



Paid Parking Options

1.  Union/ El Molino lot – corner of Union & El Molino

$1 per 20 min.; $5 max daily; open 24 hours

2.  24hr. Fitness lot – 473 E. Union

$1 per 20min; $6 max daily; evening $5 flat rate after 3pm; open 7am-9p

3. Trio lot – 595 E. Colorado (Madison entrance to lot)

$1 per 20 min; $9 max daily; open 24 hours.

4. Walnut & Euclid lot

$3 flat after 12:30pm; $6 max daily; open 7:30am-4:30pm; parking very limited

5. Paseo Mall lot – entrance between 356 & 372 E. Colorado

public parking – $2 per hour; $6 max daily; open Mon-Thurs 8am-1am; validation for restaurants; merchant/restaurant (first 90 min. free); theatre/Macy’s (first 2 hours free)

6. Western Asset lot – 385 E. Colorado Blvd (Union entrance to lot)

$1.40 per 15min; $12 max daily; open Mon-Fri 6:30am-7pm

7. Plaza Fuentes lot – 135 N Los Robles (Union entrance to lot)

$1 per 15 min; $11 daily max for entrance before 5pm; $4 max daily for entrance after 5pm; open 24 hours; validation for restaurants

8. Central Parking lot – 200 N Euclid

$3 per 15 min; $11 max daily; $4 flat rate after 2pm; open 7am-5pm; parking very limited


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It’s been five years since The Burner first ignited.

But now it’s time for The Burner to diminish.

Don’t cry for us, blogosphere-a; the truth is we’ll never leave you.

Fuller has started a blog on Patheos, and The Burner will be migrating to a column published on Fridays. The treasure trove of old Burner posts will still be available here on The (Back)Burner, simmering away for your education and edification.

I’ve loved running this blog and have fantastic memories. Now it’s time for a new chapter in Fuller online publishing, and the transition will begin February 1st.

Thanks to all who’ve read, commented and supported.


David Moore, editor