How the Mistakes By Miami-Dade County and Wayne County Can Win You A Scot McKnight Book–UPDATE

Apr 26, 12 • News17 Comments

UPDATE: All books have been given out. Thanks for all the comments!

Today, The Burner read an article on (one of the best blogs on the ‘Net) retelling a story of officials who found out from a local newspaper that Miami-Dade County had a fleet of 300 unused Toyota Priuses (Prii?) stashed away in a parking structure. Evidently, these vehicles were purchased new between 2006 and 2007, but never used.

In a less-amusing similarity, Wayne County, Mich. (home of Detroit) has 11,000 rape evidence kits stored away undocumented and unprocessed, according to a recent report featured on NPR. None the evidence contained in these kits has been tested or logged, ensuring that thousands of rape cases have never been prosecuted.

The Burner has a box of The King Jesus Gospel books sitting in a box. They have been there for some time.

The Burner does not want to be Counties Wayne or Miami-Dade.

Therefore, leave a (thought-provoking) comment on ANY BLOG POST BUT THIS ONE on The Burner and get a copy for free.

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17 Responses to How the Mistakes By Miami-Dade County and Wayne County Can Win You A Scot McKnight Book–UPDATE

  1. Max says:

    I am a fuller alum and a Scot McKnight fan – is that thought-provoking enough?

  2. Lighthouseshikoku says:

    It is time for Christians to go beyond mental consent – to truly embrace Jesus as the King. The first test: Make disciples of all nations. How far have we done so as His subjects?

  3. Tony Chua says:

    Forgotten but never impotent

  4. Jason says:

    The meaning of life = 42.

  5. Jon snyder says:

    Don’t let your faith stay in a storage shed. Live the King Jesus Gospel

    …. provoke THAT thought.

  6. The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. Discuss.

    Also, why do you have a box of books sitting in another box? ;)

  7. Nithin says:

    You can’t control your happenings, but you can control your happiness.

  8. Bcondly says:

    I think it’s difficult for American Christians to fully grasp what it means for Jesus to be our king. We’re in an election year and we’re being flooded with messages and ads that appeal to our desires and our sense of justice. Jesus’ reign doesn’t fit neatly within our system, even though much of what He taught formed the foundation of our constitutional system. Every culture has its challenges, of course; I’ve just noticed as a pastor that one of ours is about the nature and extent of divine authority and how the church is to live under it.

  9. The Burner says:

    Thanks for all the comments, but I’m looking for comments on OTHER BLOG POSTS. Post has been amended and if you really want to throw a fit, I’ll send you a copy anyway…

    …but other great posts don’t have any comments–so get cracking!

  10. I don’t suppose this offer still stands?

  11. Ryanhern24 says:

    I posted on a different topic. How do I get Scott’s book? Or is that still going?

  12. just posted on another post – what do I need to do next? Would love a copy of King Jesus Gospel. 

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