Churches Engaging Society for the Common Good – A Review

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The Office for Urban Initiatives and the Nazarene Cohort Program at Fuller joined forces to bring Jeff Carr, chief of staff for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to campus last Monday evening. About 100 people came out to hear Rev. Carr speak. The event was called, “Churches Engaging Society for the Common Good.”

Long-time Burner readers will remember the interview that TB did with Rev. Carr back in September (“A Modern-Day Joseph” 9.10.10). It was great to see that Carr, a ordained minister in the Nazarene Church still has as much drive and determination to serve both the mayor who appointed him and the city which elected the mayor.

Carr spoke of his life story for most of the session, and he included an interesting story: He gives credit to Mayor Villaraigosa for recognizing his duty as mayor to fight the gang problem despite the significant political risk involved. Many of the Mayor’s advisors did not want to go ahead with the anti-gang proposal that Carr presented, but an impassioned plea from Carr to the Mayor overcame the opposition. Now gang violence has been greatly reduced, especially in the summer.

Carr then opened himself up to questions–a brave move considering how rarely the general public gets to speak with a high-ranking city official. Most of the questions were thoughtful and appropriate, ranging from education to crime to homeless needs.

Thanks to Jeff Carr, the Mayor’s Office, the Office for Urban Initiatives and the Nazerene Cohort program at Fuller for this event.

Video is available for download at Fuller’s iTunesU store.

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