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Didn’t we already cover this? Well, yeah, but it’s a problem that’s not going away. Today is Blog Action Day (thanks TallSkinnyKiwi!) and this year’s emphasis is water. Here’s a series of posts from other blogs bringing the attention of the blogosphere to the world water crisis:

Blog Action Day: Protecting America’s Waters Today
by The White House Blog

The Ripple Effect
by DipNote: U.S. Department of State Official Blog

Water water everywhere, time to stop and think
by Global Conversations
Blog Action Day: turning blogs into action.
by charity: waterlog
Blog Action Day: working together
Celebrate Blog Action Day right from your desk
by ONE Blog
Plastic pollution plagues SF Bay
by Save The Bay’s Salty Blog
How Mashable Is Supporting Water As A Global Issue
by Mashable
Clean water for those who need it
by The Official Google Blog
Nuclear Power’s Threat to Clean Water
by Greenpeace Blog
A View of Water Poverty
by Mercy Corps
An epic struggle between water and energy is unfolding across the nation — Choke Point: U.S.
by The Huffington Post
Getting it together for freshwater ecosystems
by The Biofresh Blog
Don’t Drink the Water?
by NWF Action Fund Blog
From Drought to Flood – Water Images Across the Globe
by Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Water
by Treehugger
Blog Action Day: Healthy Water Comes From Healthy Nature
by Cool Green Science
BAD2010 – Experience of a Lifetime
by Ryan’s Well Foundation Blog
An Oregon County Shuns the Bottle
by Food & Water Watch blog
Clean, Safe Water – A Collaborative Effort
by The Water Project
Blog Action Day 2010: The Great Moving Force
by The Make It Work Blog
What can we do without water?
by Defeat DD
Blog Action Day 2010 – Project Philippines
by Water for Water: The Blog
Blog Action Day: The (Offshore) Winds of Change
by The Beacon (Oceana’s Blog)
Blog Action Day 2010: Down the Mountain
by Blood: Water Mission
You ain’t gonna miss your water ’til your well runs dry
by The GirlieGirl Army
Wanted: Water Entrepreneurs
by IH20 Blog
Balancing the Water Business and the Public Trust
by One the Water Front
Gender inequity highlights need for reform in water rights
by NRDC Switchboard
Blog Action Day: How to Collect Greywater
Normally I don’t like children. But today I had no choice!
by Mercy Corps
Top 6 Life-Saving Designs
by Inhabitat
The Blog World Paradox: a Blog Action Day Case Study by ProBlogger
HOW TO: Help Solve the Global Water Crisis with Social Media by Mashable
Blog Action Day 2010 – Water! by Global Voices
October 15- I start my birthday with a Blog on Water by The Color of Life
Blog Action Day 2010: Water by Oxfam Australia
“Blog Action Day” Makes Waves for Clean Water by Bay Daily
Blog Action Day – A Flood of Posts About Water by EcoCentric
From Burning River to Burning Ocean, The Fight For Clean Water Continues by Clean Water Action
Blog Action Day Case Study – charity: water by Geoff Livingston
by Global Conversations
21 Easy Ways to Conserve Water: Blog Action Day 2010
by Bleeding Expresso
Bloggers worldwide call for real action on water and poverty
by End Water Poverty
Blog Action Day 2010: Water
by Your Voices
Blog Action Day 2010: Food’s water footprint
by Blue Kitchen
Why It’s Clear There is a Worldwide Water Crisis
by Senator John Kerry
Water Most Maternal
by The Queen of Myself
Blog Action Day 2010
by Wine to Water
Not Just a Drop in the Bucket
by American Rivers

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