For the last couple of years, humankind started embracing various kinds of spirituality. Along with this, the information about the same subject and its bright ideas saw enormous growth. Due to its high potential well-being, it makes it very difficult for anyone to follow the path. In simple words, when it comes to an understanding and studying your spiritual world, it is often difficult. It’s considered as one of the complex topics to attain. In the below-given article, we will see about the various kinds of spirituality and its practices. The first paragraph deals with the concept of spirituality, and the rest deals with the different types of spirituality.

Defining Spirituality

First thing first, spirituality deals with the human’s soul to find peace and inner meaning. The notion, spirituality, is entirely against the rules and various other regulations and completely revolves around the human soul. It’s more of a personal belief system that is created from personal experience. Spiritual well being stands out and doesn’t mingle and has nothing to do with the physical and the material world as such. It also means a way of connecting and dealing with everyday life and challenges to discover something bigger than yourself. Spirituality can contain a different meaning. Two of the main ideas of being spiritual is

  1. It can be religious and can hold a higher power
  2. It can be a non-religious occurrence (like connecting with nature, art, and yoga, to name a few).

Mystical Spirituality

Kinds of Practices

Mystical Spirituality

Mystical spirituality deals with the intuitional portion of the soul. People who have achieved this kind of spirituality can connect and believes there is a meaning to every experience that happens in life throughout. These people think that every experience goes beyond the concept of material as well as the physical world.

Authoritarian Spirituality

People who follow this kind of spirituality trusts the hierarchical structure of things or those in authority. The people practising Authoritarian spirituality believe and define it by following a set of rules and regulations with restrictions. This kind of spirituality is mainly related to religious beliefs.

Intellectual Spirituality

The central belief system that surrounds the intellectual spirituality is knowledge. The people who follow this kind of spirituality are in thirst of gaining knowledge about the spiritual theories, studying and analyzing the information they attain and practice it in their life.


Service Spirituality

Service spirituality is a prevalent type of spirituality. The followers of this path believe that they attain spiritual peace when they tend to serve others.  There are innumerable ways to chart out this spirituality method. But, the main list of the notion is to help others without expecting anything in return.

Social Spirituality

From the name itself, social spirituality deals with the attainment of spiritual nirvana while surrounded by many other people. Most of the people practising social spirituality like to be surrounded by people while searching for the greater meaning of the spiritual world. It can be mostly observed in religious groups. Besides, it can also be attained from exercising and meditation.

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