People can battle all they want about whether Creation came out of the ooze, ex nihilo or a combination of the two (picture God as Julia Child whipping up some planets, elements and giraffes).

Since this is Motivation Monday, The Burner’s argument for God’s involvement in some manner in Creation comes from–surely you guessed it?–24 year-old “Ukraine’s Got Talent”-winner Kseniya Simonova and her astounding ‘sand animation.’ On this clip, Simonova demonstrates her mesmerizingly beautiful gift, bringing audience members to tears and showing the power of art, story and community.

If, after you watch this, you don’t agree that Simonova’s talent did not randomly come up out of the ooze, then The Burner no longer requires your readership. This is an incredible 9-minute taste of the power, creativity and artistry the God we serve possesses. Aren’t you glad you know him?

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