“In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen” Known as a Trinitarian formula, where The Father is known as the God himself, the Son, Jesus, and the Holy spirit meaning the Holy Ghost, is one of the essential prayers in Christianity. The Religion, Christianity depicts the life and teachings of Jesus of the Nazareth. No matter if you are Christian or not, it is always good to learn about other culture and its practices to live peacefully on the earth. Here we are going to portray some of the exciting facts and truth on Christianity religion. Relax back, and let’s dive in.


Ranked First Place

Christianity is known as the world’s largest religion. Being the largest religion existed in the world to date. Religion contains approximately 2.2 billion followers. However, it is also estimated that in the coming years, Islam will overtake and will be prominent than Christianity as it is rapidly enhancing at present.

3 Division

Christianity religion consists of several sectors. However, it mainly consists of 3 divisions, namely, Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism. Furthermore, it is divided again into five other areas, which are Church of the East, Protestantism, Oriental Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. Apart from these, there are again a lot of subdivisions. Approximately 50 percent of the Christian population are Catholics and select the Pope as their leader.

Sunday being “Holy-Day”

For the Christians, every Sundays are known as a holy day, just like Friday is for Muslims, and Saturdays reserved for Jews. It is a day where people should rest. In many Western countries, Sunday is a day off from work, and most of the businesses and stores will remain closed. Apart from this, a special mass will be held on Sundays in the church. It is also a particular day, which has to be celebrated and devoted only to God.


Abrahamic Religion

Just like Judaism and Islam, Christianity also has the same God, which makes it even more interesting is that, they all root from the same ancestral origin of Abraham! Thus, it is known as the Abrahamic religions. Since these religions contain many differences, it also has the same number of similarities. For example, Jesus, the son of God, for Christians, is mentioned many times in the Quran as one of the prophets.

Everything about Heaven and Hell

Christianity, as a whole, teaches about heaven, the Promised Land and hell. Heaven is where God resides and Hell, where Satan lives. Those who do good deeds to others will end up in heaven and sinned people in hell. The place between heaven and hell, Limbo consists of the souls who are not to be punished and did not do many good deeds to celebrate the day in paradise. This part of the belief is different in each subsection of Christianity and is known as an essential part of Christan belief system.

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