I absolutely love/hate tough questions.
They are more fun to give than to receive.
Jesus wasn’t afraid to use them.

Here are a few examples of questions that have the ability to peel back many layers on our leadership and the ministries we serve.
About our leadership styles, intended for those we lead: What is hardest part of following me as a leader?

About our theology, intended for those we teach: What does it some like I avoid in my teaching?
I once heard someone comment on a friends bible that was all marked up and he said “maybe you should start reading what is not highlighted“.

About our legacy, intended for those who will hire our replacement:
What is the first thing you’ll change when I leave? Or, what qualities will the next person you hire have to have?

About our teaching, intended for those we want to listen: What is something you remember me teaching and how did it impact you?
I know I can often say that verbal communication is not the most effective form of communication, but we should be able to see the fruit of our teaching at some point.

About our ministry, intended for ourselves: What students have left since I have been here and why?
I’ve never been much on seeking out an exit interview from a departing student or leader, but I know it would benefit me as a leader.

At the Willow Creek Summit, Dr. Henry Cloud talked about the characteristics of wise and foolish leaders. He drilled in the fact that wise people smile when they are challenged and they invite feedback. They not only invite feedback, they go looking for it. I want to be wise, but sometimes it hurts.

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